Zero Gravity – Portable Model


Passenger Minimum – Height Requirement Guests must be 42 inches tall or taller; guests under 42 inches tall cannot ride Zero Gravity
Capacity 625-750 customers per hour
Thirty-Three adults or children
Maximum Load 5,940 lbs.
Ride Duration Recommended between 1 min. 55 sec. & 2 min. 20 sec.
Balanced Ride Balanced loading is recommended.
Maximum Wind Speed 40 mph with passengers
Space Required Width 37′, Depth 49′ 6″
Overhead Clearance
44′ operating height
Lenght 28′, Width 8’6″, Height 13′ 6″
Weight 33,000 lbs.
Set Up-Tear Down Time Two men, two hours, with no heavy lifting
Lighting Sweep lights 10w Turbo – 336 ct
Cage lights 10w Turbo – 924 ct
Center Ornament 10w Turbo – 130 ct
Strobe Light 2500w – 220 vac
Electric Motor
Power Required
Power Source Breaker
Electrical Lead Wires
30 HP, 1750 rpm
40 KW
220 v 3-phase with neutral and ground
Recommend 125-amp circuit breaker
Five individual wires with type W insulation
Size #2 wire for 3 phases
Size #4 for neutral and ground
Drive System
Holding Brake
Two Charlynn hydraulic motors drive wheel at center
Disc and caliper parking brake

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