28′ Lite Slide

Money Earning Features

  • Capacity 750 customers per hour.
  • Proven popularity
  • Trailer is 28′ in length. Good for doubles.
  • Set-up and teardown by two people in 1.25 hours.
  • Weighs approximately 21,000 lbs.

Technical Features

  • Air-ride suspension.
  • Possum belly doors hinged aluminum.
  • Heater wire is UL approved and encased in copper tubes. If heater wire ever fails new heater cable can be pulled into the copper tubes.
  • Stronger braces combined with pressure relief valves built into the hydraulic system make it difficult for the employees to damage the slide.

Appearance Features

  • Strong turbo light package on sides of the slide frame.
  • Arched light package over sliding surface.
  • Two floodlights mounted on top of sign.
  • Flourescent light fixture installed under the canopy on slide platform.
  • Three- color fiberglass sliding surface.
  • Five flags located on sign and additional flags mounted on the side of the frame.

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