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Thrill your guests—and your bottom line—with one of Battech’s slide models! Select a model for detailed information and photos.

History of The Dry Slide

The Battech Park Model Slide has a long history of successful and safe operation in parks and family fun centers.
“I have had the Park Model Slide in my Park since 1989. It is as popular now as when purchased new. It has provide the best return on invested dollars of all the rides I have purchased.”
– Scott Simpson, Owner of Playland Park in Ocean City, New Jersey
“The slide was purchased in 1990 and is still very popular. It is safe, inexpensive to maintain and contributes significantly to our revenue. The dry slide is one of Oaks Park’s best investments.”
– Joe Norling, General Manager of Oaks Park in Portland, Oregon
My Battech slide has been very well received by the people of Helena, Montana.  I located it between our Go Cart Track and Batting Cage.  That previously unproductive land is now a great source of revenue.
– Jack Collishaw, Owner of Tons of Fun in Helena, Montana

Why Add a Battech slide to your Park of FEC?

Great Return on Investment

  • Very popular with all age groups which results in a high level of revenue.
  • Initial purchase cost is perhaps the lowest for a major ride.
  • Inexpensive site preparation cost.
  • Erected in one day.
  • No moving parts so little or no maintenance costs.

Other Benefits

  • Often can be erected on park land that cannot be used for any other revenue stream.
  • Height of slide can attract attention outside the park.

Dry slides made in the USA.
Dry slides made in Salem, Oregon since 1973.
Dry slides made by Battech since 1991.

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