DownDraft-Portable Model



625-750 customers per hour – Thirty adults or children

Maximum Load 5250 lbs.
Maximum Wind Speed 40 mph with passengers

Minimum Overhead Clearance

Space Requirements

Space Required for car in operation


54′ Front, 48′ Deep

60′ Diameter circle

Trailer Length

Trailer Width

Trailer Road Height

Trailer Gross Weight

45′ 8″

8′ 6″

13′ 4″

53,500 lbs.


Letter panels

Tower Lights

Sweep Lights

Flame Lights

Head panel lights

Sweep floods

294 10w

720 10w

720 10w

144 10w

588 10w

175w metal halide

Lighting amps 180 amps total
Electric Motor

1-50 hp motor-rotary air compressor 125 amps

1-50 hp motor-hydraulic pump 125 amps

Power required

115 kw

220v 3-phase with ground and neutral

Power Source Breaker 350 amp circuit breaker
Direction of Rotation Counter Clockwise
Operating Speed 15 rpm
CAUTION: Failure to supply an adequate ground to the frame can cause serious electric shock hazard. Proper grounding prevents the metal parts of the DownDraft from being energized (to high voltage) in the event of a short circuit. The leads supplied with the DownDraft contain a ground wire that may be connected to ground at the power supply. Another means of grounding is with a ground rod. Check local regulations for ground rod requirements and specifications.

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