Money Earning Features

  • Capacity of 30 passengers.
  • One-stop loading.
  • Operated by a single operator.
  • Proven popularity.
  • Affordable price for a heavy-duty, major ride.
  • Front entry, rear exit for quick loading.
  • All restraints opened by operator.

Safety Features

  • Restraint has adjustable primary latching position and a secondary latch.
  • Restraint crotch bar controls riders’ legs.
  • Senses loss of power and brings ride to a stop in a controlled manner.
  • Restraints cannont be opened until ride stops.

Electrical Components

  • Commutator is cylindrical, located in the ornament and is protected from dirt.
  • Lighting breakers are in main electrical panel for easy access.

Portable Model Features

  • Trailer is 48′ in length.
  • Moved by two people in less than two hours.
  • No heavy lifting.
  • Weighs approximately 54,000 lbs.
  • All cars transported on tip-up decks.

Highly Reliable

  • No computers or complicated electronics.
  • No new systems or components.
  • Ride design based on thirty-years of in-service experiance.
  • Fast air recovery with rotary compressor.

Appearance Features

  • Strong light package.
  • Wide polished aluminum entry steps.
  • Riders zoom up 37′, free fall 30′ in an open car with feet dangling.
  • Ride center is excellent light tower displaying lights 40′ above midway.

General Features

  • Comfortable individual seats.
  • Seats tilt and cant inboard for rider comfort with centrifugal forces.

Park Model Features

  • Site preparation is inexpensive.
  • Effective transportation to site.
  • Inexpensive on-site erection process.

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