Standard Cliff Hanger-Portable Model

Money Earning Features

  • Capacity of 30 passengers.
  • One-stop loading.
  • Strong light package.
  • Proven popularity, over sixty operating.
  • Affordable price for a heavy-duty, major ride.
  • Top grossing ride in all geographic markets.

Highly Reliable

  • No complicated electronics.
  • No new systems or components.
  • Ride design based on thirty-years of in-service experiance.
  • Cylindricalcommutator located in ornament to protect against Debris.

Portable Model Features

  • Racks on a 28′ trailer for transport in a doubles combination.
  • Moved by two people in less than three hours.
  • No heavy lifting.
  • Weighs approximately 38,000 lbs.

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