Cliff Hanger Park Specifications


Passenger Minimum – Height Requirement Guests must be 46 inches tall or taller; guests under 46 inches tall cannot ride Cliff Hanger
Capacity 625-750 customers per hour – Thirty adults or children
Maximum Load 5,400 lbs. or 540lbs. per car
Ride Duration Recommended between 1 min. 45 sec. & 2 min. 10 sec.
Balanced Ride Maximum Wind Speed Balanced loading is NOT required. 40 mph with passengers
Space Required Overhead Clearance Weight is Width 63′ Depth 70’6″ 45′ operating height is 40′ 38,000 lbs.
Lighting Sweep lights 10w ASL – 980 ct Bow lights 10w ASL – 1280 ct Center Ornament 10w – 109 ct Entry sign 10w – 109 ct Floods 175w Metal Halide – 10ct
Electric Motor Power Required Voltage Power Source Breaker 50 HP, 1750 rpm 80 kw 220 v 3-phase with ground Recommend 225 amp circuit breaker Minimum size approved is 200 amps
Electrical Lead Wires Five individual wires with type W insulation Power & ground wires are 1/0 size.
CAUTION: Failure to supply an adequate ground to the frame can cause serious electric shock hazard. Proper grounding prevents the metal parts of the Park Model Cliff Hanger from being energized (to high voltage) in the event of a short circuit. The leads supplied with the Park Model Cliff Hanger contain a ground wire that may be connected to ground at the power supply. Another means of grounding is with a ground rod. Check local regulations for ground rod requirements and specifications.

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